QUEBEC, 2015

concept + art direction


RACINE(S) is an ongoing project by HUB Studio. It's a video projection food truck that travels around Quebec to do in situ poetical installation and video mapping. The truck moves between cities, towns, villages, parks or events to map interactive poetical video content onto buildings, trees, monuments, etc. The objective of RACINE(S) is to take culture and technology away from big cities and make it accessible to everybody, no matter the geographic constraints. By projecting interactive poetical content, we want to create a collective reflexion about identity, territory, origins and frontiers. 

The idea is to gather and feed people with art and technology instead of food. 


Idea: Thomas Payette + Gonzalo Soldi + Pascal Lefebvre

Video design and technical direction: Thomas Payette + Gonzalo Soldi

Visual design: Pascal Lefebvre

Illustrations  © HUB Studio