Montreal, 2016



Masters in the art of giving visual form to sounds, the virtuoso jacks of all trades and movement maestri Martin Messier and Anne Thériault are human detonators shattering the tension of an opus dedicated to the demolition of objects. In Con grazia they sound the knell of the death of matter. In the shadow of meticulous, performative destruction, machines rumble and roar, ready to create chaos.

An unsettling ode to the agony of the material world.

Photos: Martin Messier


Produced by: 14lieux + Lorganisme

Ideation: Martin Messier

Directed, co-created and performed by: Martin Messier + Anne Thériault

Lighting design: Jean-François Piché

Music: Martin Messier

Visual design + robots design: Thomas Payette

Robotics: Louis-Thomas Schreiber

Outside eye and performer: Patrick Lamothe